“Together, we can deliver a depth and richness of customer insight not yet seen”

Tyco Retail Solutions has announced the integration of its ShopperTrak and FootFall businesses as a single customer analytics powerhouse. We spoke to Gary Whittemore, ShopperTrak’s new General Manager for EMEA and ROW, about what the merger means for the retail sector.

shoppertrak footfall combineACROSS: What does bringing together ShopperTrak and FootFall as a single entity mean for the customer insight industry?

GARY WHITTEMORE: As a single ShopperTrak brand, our customer insight analytics are unmatched. Together, ShopperTrak and FootFall can deliver a depth and richness of customer insight not yet seen. We will be able to provide retailers and property management organisations with even more actionable insights into shopper behaviour, which they can use to optimise and improve profitability.

As one brand, ShopperTrak now counts 40 billion shopper visits annually, and serves retail businesses in 100 countries and territories, making us the leading authority on customer behaviour in retail environments.

ACROSS: Talk us through the ShopperTrak/FootFall story up to this point

WHITTEMORE: Tyco acquired both ShopperTrak and FootFall over the past 12 months to expand its retail analytics capabilities. We have already been working on a number of joint initiatives, including the first truly global retail traffic index, which we announced the formation of earlier this year.

ACROSS: How will coming together as a single brand benefit retail businesses?

WHITTEMORE: The retail industry is moving through a period of remarkable change. By bringing our expertise and resources together as a single brand, ShopperTrak will have greater strength than ever to raise the bar on traffic intelligence solutions.

We can provide retailers and property management organisations with the insights they need to build the smart store or retail centre of the future, and we are developing a robust product roadmap that will support their future innovation.

ACROSS: What does the single brand announcement mean for your customers?

WHITTEMORE: By becoming one brand, ShopperTrak can offer global scalability with the capacity to rapidly roll out solutions across all major international markets, which is really beneficial for our customers that are growing internationally.

All our new customers will utilise the ShopperTrak Analytics Suite, a customisable reporting platform that merges shopper traffic, market benchmarks and additional contextual data sets, to increase traffic, sales and conversion. Both current ShopperTrak and FootFall customers will benefit from this single product suite across our business.

ACROSS: You will obviously play a key role in driving the ShopperTrak business forward. Who else will be spearheading its development as a single brand?

WHITTEMORE: Nick Pompa has been appointed general manager of the new global traffic business at Tyco, and he is ideally placed to take the company forward. Nick will be supported by a global team  including myself, along with functional leaders with local expertise to guide operations in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

As a result, the traffic business has a deep understanding of market conditions and trends, so we are able to offer a tailored approach that best meets customer needs.

ACROSS: How would you sum up the new ShopperTrak brand and how it will impact the retail industry?

WHITTEMORE: With the global expertise and capacity to rapidly roll out solutions across all major international markets, the merger is a huge benefit to our current customers – both ShopperTrak and FootFall – and will offer prospects our strongest ever product and service suite. Together, we can radically enhance the shopper experience.

Gary started out in working in retail credit and credit referencing before moving into the world of database marketing and market analysis at CDMS. From here he moved to CACI where he launched and headed a market analysis team for the automotive sector.
He moved to FootFall in 2002, first taking on a business development role in its fledgling Asia Pacific business, which he grew organically in core markets and entered into new strategic markets such as China. He returned from Hong Kong to take on the role of MD of FootFall’s UK business in 2007, before taking up the role of Global Sales and Marketing Director.
When FootFall was acquired by Tyco Retail Solutions and integrated with ShopperTrak in 2016, Gary was chosen to spearhead the company’s development of ShopperTrak as a single, more powerful than ever, brand in Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

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