Global Shopper Trends: insights from Q3

There has been a lot of fluctuation across the world this year – culturally, politically and economically – and this shows in our latest Global Shopper Trends report.

Although international footfall was down by -1.2% Year-on-Year across the quarter, there were regions that experienced an improvement in consumer activity.

Here are the key top lines from the most recent quarter. For the full figures, download our Q3 Global Shopper Trends report.

Q3 Asia-Pacific shopper trends

Across the continent, consumer activity dipped by -0.8% during Q3, but this was mainly due to footfall decline in Australia and India.

The main reason for caution in Australia was the Federal Election in early July, which has been proven to make consumers more cautious in their spending. In India, meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 banknotes impacted shopper activity post-Diwali, which is traditionally a busy period for the country.

For the majority of Asia-Pacific, footfall activity actually improved across the quarter, and Hong Kong was the top performing region with +0.8% growth Year-on-Year. This was driven primarily by strong footfall in September; although the increase in retail traffic was not accompanied by an improvement in retail sales.

Japan and China also recorded positive consumer activity growth, which is particularly reassuring for China, given the political turbulence the country has experienced this year.

Q3 Europe shopper trends

As with Asia-Pacific, European footfall was down on the whole (by -1.5%) but some regions outperformed the rest of the market to post retail traffic growth.

Poland was the top performing region with a +3.8% improvement in consumer activity Year-on-Year. This was driven by three factors: general improvements in the Polish economy, the new 500+ child benefit programme boosting consumer confidence, and a proactive campaign by many of the country’s shopping centres to attract new visitors.

Two other countries that experienced footfall improvements in Q3 were Spain and Portugal. Spain’s best performance came at the beginning of the quarter, as a result of tourist activity, while Portuguese consumer confidence was buoyed by increased international investment in the retail sector.

For a full analysis of international consumer activity during Q3, download your free copy of our latest Global Shopper Trends report.


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