• 5 types of store your shopping centre needs to consider

    As every retail property management organisation knows, success is down to getting the right mix of tenants. Finding the best combination not only attracts greater retail footfall, but encourages shoppers to visit more stores during their visit – increasing their length of stay, and also the amount they are likely to spend. The challenge when trying to perfect this tenant mix is that no two shopping centres are created equal. A number of different factors will determine the popularity of certain store types – from global and regional location, to local demographics, and whether the mall is in or out of the town centre. Consumer behaviour is also highly influential when it comes to perfecting your tenant line-up. Earlier this year we identified 6 types of shopper that retailers should have on their radar, looking at the varied traits that different ….

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  • Euros 2016: The retail story

    The Euros 2016 will be remembered as a great sporting tournament, and as a high point in what has been a difficult year for the host and finalist France. There were also surprises, with both Iceland and Wales delighting football fans in unexpectedly reaching the quarter and semi-finals respectively.

    In fact, Iceland set a new record in TV viewing figures, as 99.8% of the nation’s population watched the team’s historic win over England. It is clear that many fans across the 24 countries were glued to their screens, or even travelling to France to attend matches. So what impact did what was happening on the pitch have on stores and shopping centres?

    We’ve crunched the numbers to share some of the retail highlights of what was a remarkable sporting event.

    Retail success for the host nation

    Once again there was a big retail pay off for the hosts. Despite fears over flooding and security, France pulled off a big success ….

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  • Rio Olympics – the global retail opportunity

    During the Rio Olympics, brands and retailers across the globe will be looking to maximise on sales with marketing and promotions around the event. Given that the opening ceremony was watched by 70% of the global population in 2008 and 72% in 2012, it is fair to say that there is significant interest in the games from consumers around the world.

    Not only are star athletes quickly snapped up in sponsorship deals, most national teams have a host of retail and hospitality partnerships. Alongside this, consumers are quickly caught up in the spirit of the games, encouraging spend in areas including technology, sports equipment, food and beverages.

    So, how can retailers and shopping centres tap into Olympic and Paralympic excitement to increase shopper spending? Following on from our previous blog, Rio Olympics – the home retail opportunity, we examined ….

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  • Father’s Day: a retail growth opportunity

    Globally, consumers spend up to three times as much on gifts for Mother’s Day compared to Father’s Day. While by any measurement the annual holiday celebrating dads is overshadowed by the retail monoliths of Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentines – in this tough retail environment, retailers and shopping centres must embrace every opportunity.

    Father’s Day happens at different times of the year across the globe, but interesting observations can still be drawn on what happens during the run up in each market. Research from Mintel reveals that the popularity of Father’s Day ….

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  • ShopperTrak and FootFall Announce Retail Industry’s First Global Traffic Index

    CHICAGO, IL – May 11, 2016 – ShopperTrak and FootFall, the two leading providers of consumer behavior insights and location-based analytics, today announced a breakthrough global traffic index. Both businesses are part of Tyco Retail Solutions.

    An industry first, the global traffic index will combine the power of two established solution providers to offer retailers and shopping centers the ability to benchmark performance and understand trends in various major markets around the world. Additionally, the index offers access to geography-based traffic trends in order to support real estate decisions.

    “As a trusted advisor in the retail space, we are committed to providing our customers with meaningful ….

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  • How can retail footfall insights benefit store and centre managers?

    The stakes have never been higher for retail businesses: from rising staffing costs, to big name brand bankruptcies, the competition for share of consumer spend is intense. To drive performance in this high pressured environment, most organisations understand the value of big data in retail – yet most of them restrict access and analysis to head office personnel. How can businesses make best use of data to empower store and centre managers?

    Too many retail organisations understand the value of metrics like people counting at a macro level, but fail to apply it to daily decision making. To truly make the most of the data available, retailers and shopping centres must embrace information sharing at all levels of their business, particularly with store and centre managers.

    Fundamentally the reputation of a business lives or dies on customer-facing personnel. This doesn’t mean every store or centre manager must become a data analyst – leave ….

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