David Naman counts on ShopperTrak to boost performance

A more analytical approach to store operations is being adopted by many global retailers and brands as they look to measure their in-store retail performance to better understand customer behaviour.

Those businesses following a data-driven strategy in their stores are optimising sales, increasing conversions and getting the most from their employees, as they deploy their staff accordingly based on factual evidence rather than perception.

The Italian job

For Rome-based menswear retailer David Naman, which was founded by fashion designer David Mayer Naman in 1997 and has 14 eponymous stores in Italy and a growing international presence, a data-driven approach to staffing has optimized operations and increased in-store conversion.

Also part of the David Naman stable is the Paul Taylor brand, which is targeted at a younger customer demographic. Together, the two brands sought to understand store performance and shopper behaviour. They were also keen to assess differences in performance by geography, time of day and specific store location, but they lacked the appropriate solution, so they turned to ShopperTrak.

ShopperTrak’s people counting and conversion solution, which enables retailers to measure shopper traffic, understand consumer behaviour and optimise their operations, empowered store managers and the head office team at David Naman/Paul Taylor to bring science and method to their everyday decisions.

More specifically, a better understanding of shopper behaviour and how it drives the overall performance of its store estate has given David Naman/Paul Taylor an opportunity to make operational decisions that are based on facts rather than guesswork. And by assessing footfall trends and conversion rates, the brands have deployed new processes that boost sales and foster inter-store competition, thereby enhancing overall performance.

Unexpected benefits

Francesca Minozzi, Controller and General Manager at David Naman/Paul Taylor, says its head office was always confident that ShopperTrak’s people counting and conversion solution could help the company “better plan retail and marketing strategies to convert shoppers into buyers.” That is exactly what happened.

One of the unexpected benefits of leveraging the solution is the newfound ease with which both brands can boost sales in store.

ShopperTrak’s people counting and conversion solution has also brought the wider David Naman/Paul Taylor team together, with store managers, human resources, buyers and Minozzi herself among those who regularly benefit from the technology. So often in retail, technology is used to assist individual departments, but this solution offers benefits across the organisation and provides common goals across functions.

Measured growth

Retail is an increasingly global industry, and companies growing their estates at home and abroad are now able to use technology to efficiently gauge performance in new stores, at speed – and act to meet their customers’ demands accordingly.

David Naman launched both its eponymous brand and Paul Taylor in the US in July 2016, and the group’s growth continues apace across Italy. “We will use ShopperTrak’s solution in our next new opening,” Minozzi says. “It doesn’t take very long to set up – and we work very well together.”

Knowing how customers shop in their stores, and gaining a clear picture of their movements in the physical environment, is giving retailers a competitive advantage and helping them gain maximum value from their bricks-and-mortar portfolios.

David Naman/Paul Taylor is optimising its in-store experience with the help of the ShopperTrak Analytics Suite – discover what ShopperTrak’s solution can do for your business.


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